Brand management, communication and marketing are easier with IT solutions

Managing your brand or brand implementation is a lot easier with a brand or marketing portal. And with document creation systems creating onbrand documents and presentations is a piece of cake.

Looking for IT solutions for brand management, communications or marketing?

Or want to get better results from your current your IT systems?

Brand Portal

A brand portal supports your employees and suppliers to consistently apply the brand and brand style. You can easily manage and share brand guidelines and other information about your brand. And store, categorise and share all your digital assets and files. We can help you determine your requirements and selecting and implementing the best fitting solution. A brand portal often contains the following modules:

Managing and sharing brand guidelines and brand specifications to ensure proper application of your brand identity.
Save, search, preview, share and download all digital files and assets. From images to video and design files.
Enable autorised users to efficiently create, share, print, order or review communication materials. Including posters, flyers, online banners and images, magazines and social media posts. And business cards of course.
A webshop makes ordering and order tracking of promotional items or services as easy as online shopping. You maintain the product catalogue, pricing and suppliers.
More control of your brand and brand identity? What if workflow automation would enable you to set rules before someone can download an asset, or order a brochure or start a campaign? And as all actions are logged, the system provides you with an overview of all activities.

MarCom Portal

The main goal of a marcom portal is to support and automate marketing and communication processes. Usually a marcom portal also contains elements of a brand portal. To select the best fitting solution for your needs and business you need to prepare and gather your requirements. Due to the many configuration options the implementation may require extra attention.

Enable autorised users to efficiently create, share, print, order, review or post communication materials. Both on and offline. Including posters, flyers, online banners and images, magazines and social media posts.
Process automation helps you manage the quality and compliancy of your communication and publishing processes, and prevents damage from incorrect, unwanted or early communications.
A press module supports you to share information with the press. From a simple press release or financial update to complete fashion catalogues including image and movie downloads. It can be connected to press lists and other datasources. Subscribers receive a notification (for example an rss feed) when new content is available. Inquiries from the press are logged and assigned to specialists.
Centrally monitor your brand and company reputation: Real time media monitoring, webcare, statistics and dashboards. Monitor who says what about your company or brand.
Event management makes creating an event site a piece of cake. In minutes you can set up an event (sub)site including registrations, event newsletters and mailings, and media sharing.
All ongoing and planned marketing and communication activities and projects in one overview.
Designing and updating packaging is a lot easier with packing management. Some (sophisticated) systems process updates automatically on all your packaging sizes and variants.
A marcom portal can be connected with other systems and data sources. For example to retrieve product information from your ERP system, or to process all orders via your procurement system. And of course an SSO-connection to enable incompany users to automatically log on.
PIM-functionality simplifies product information management, from product descriptions and packaging information to related digital assets. The PIM module can be interfaced with a publishing module to enable automatic publishing of product cataloques, both on and offline. A PIM system can save a lot of time and money, but due to its complexity requires a lot of attention during implementation.
Functionality for campaign management assists your marcom professionals to plan and monitor campaigns.
Briefing and reviewing materials with your agencies can take a lot of time. And is prone to errors. A design management module supports this process from briefing until final design and production files. All relevant information is centrally stored, all activities and their status are logged and version control of designs and documents has never been easier.

Document creation

Do your employees create many documents and presentations? Document creation systems enable them to create these faster, easier and always onbrand. And with the proper content and signatures. Your staff can focus on the content, the document creation system regulates the use of the corporate design and layout, and facilitates reuse of images, presentation slides and text blocks.

Easy document creation using templates. From applying the correct font and formatting styles until inserting standard text, images and tables. And from a letter and memo until reports and complex contracts. Selecting a system fitting your purposes and in your IT workplace environment requires some preparation.
As with documents, creating a PowerPoint presentation or report based on templates reusing images and slides from an image gallery and slide library saves a lot of time.
Add-on functionality for Excel spreadsheets ensures tables and graphs are drafted in the correct visual identity. No more disalignment between graphs created in PowerPoint & Word and those in Excel.
A module or solution for e-mail signature creation and management enables all users to easily create and maintain their e-mail signatures. Finally all e-mail signatures are aligned, onbrand and everyone applies the correct social media images and legal content.
Document creation systems can be connected to document management systems (DMS) to automaticaly store all created documents. Document features are retrieved from the created documents.
When the document creation system is connected to your CRM system contact details can be reused in letters and other documents.
Using a proposal generator your staff can efficiently create sophisticated and onbrand proposals and quotations, containing pricing, product information and conditions from your ERP system. You can centrally maintain buiding blocks like your company profile, standard text blocks and images, and proposal conditions.

How we can help with IT solutions for brand management


During an intake we determine the starting point for your question. In a business case we investigate your (functional, technical and procedural) requirements , potential improvements and savings. And we advise on the next steps.


We help specify your requirements, including your IT requirements. And we can support you with requesting, evaluating and comparing vendor quotations.


Implementation and configuration of the selected system requires specific expertise and coordination with your IT department. We can support you, from consulting to project management or project supervision. And from preparation, plan of approach until user training & instruction.


Want to add or change features, or apply organisational changes? Can co-operation with your IT department or suppliers be improved? Looking to upgrade or replace existing solutions? Together with you and your suppliers we will examine what you can improve and save.

Want to know more or discuss? Get in touch.