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Brand Success Formula

Successful brands live up to their original, unique and appealing brand story. These brands communicate their values consistently through all channels. We have successfully implemented hundreds of brands. We found that a successful brand implementation is based on a simple formula consisting of 3 main factors that go hand in hand in all stages of the process and cannot be separated from each other.

These elements are: A great strategic and creative concept, a well-planned and prepared brand implementation and a sustainable and consequent brand engagement program. All elements need careful attention to achieve the best results, and our seasoned brand implementation and brand management experts know exactly how.


Strategic concept and design


Brand implementation


Brand management

A new brand does not just happen

A new corporate brand does not just happen. We have experienced that the most brilliant strategic and creative concepts insufficiently came to fruition, due to wrong choices that were made during or after the implementation. In our opinion and experience the agency that ‘fathered’ the new brand should be involved during the implementation and afterwards to help the new brand develop further. During the ‘grow up’ period of the new brand many strategic decisions need to be taken.

Conversely we have also experienced that (bad) strategic decisions taken in the initial stage can lead to a brand design that is almost impossible to implement. All parties involved should cooperate to -from all perspectives- build strong and beautiful brands. We join forces with partners that share our vision and are willing and able to contribute to our mission.

oogtekenoranje gekanteldBrand Development

We work with you to review the brand touch points of your organisation. We follow customer journeys and assess the extent to which the brand touch points contribute to the brand experience and whether there is a consistent look and experience. Where it hasn’t gone well, we will look for causes and we determine the areas which require improvement. The results provide insight into the desired development of the brand and/or brand management. If you wish, we will process the information into a design brief.
Rebranding or brand implementation is about making choices. We analyse various relevant scenarios for the brand implementation and assess their feasibility. The impact analysis is an excellent foundation for decision making on the chosen scenario and the approach of the brand implementation. In addition to investments we also look at organisational aspects (such as processes, priorities and available capacity and knowledge) and we give advice for brand management. Depending on your particular situation, we determine the depth of the impact analysis.
In the plan of approach (PoA) the aims and results of the project are accurately described. In addition, careful consideration is given to the approach, project organisation, planning and costs as well as activities, issues and risks. Further attention is provided to communication and the launch campaign. The PoA is the route for the brand implementation. We know the lead times, necessary commitment and risks to achieve the desired result.
If your organisation needs several brands, then a design architecture is required as well. Product or services brands can be positioned closer to the parent brand or consciously apart from it. We determine what this means for the design brief. For example, the design of logo’s have to be related, but other visual elements (such as typography, visual language, photography) require other styles. The benefits are that your design agency delivers designs according to your needs and requirements, and that you have criteria to manage the brands.

oogtekenoranje gekanteldBrand Implementation

A brand implementation is often used to rationalise, as it might offer savings. This means that per item we look for opportunities to sanitise, integrate, unify, digitise and then to produce. Depending on the situation we look at the possibilities for rationalisation.
Per sub-group (3-dimensional, offline and online brand carriers) we determine which designs are required. A programme of objectives is drafted, which defines what the design requirements are. We know technical requirements and limitations, so we are able to assess the impact of the designs (feasibility). Then on detailed level it is determined which items get a new brand style.
A programme and project management will provide direction to the programme or project, guidance and coaching to the project members, and can also provide support for the programme or project. Brand implementation programs and projects require knowledge of project management methods, and a specific knowledge of brand implementation. As such we can provide a manager, or work alongside the programme or project brand implementation manager of your organisation.
In the implementation phase the plan of approach is executed. The project organisation is set and according to detailed plans the brand carriers are adapted. Staff are informed about the progress of the rebranding by information and communication processes. According to the plan, the new brand style is rolled out. Our specialists can help you on various functions, thus executing the brand transition and rollout as efficiently and effectively as possible.
During a brand implementation, several designs are created for different applications, such as: stationery, offline, online and 3D applications. It is advisable to execute prototypes; this way we test the practicality of the designs. While some new designs already appear on applications and are rolled out, other applications are still at the basic design stage. Coordination is required in order to keep the overview of both basic designs and productions. It is important that approved designs are described and documented. We support you in design management or we can –on a temporary basis– execute all design management activities for you.

oogtekenoranje gekanteldBrand Management

After brand implementation it is important to monitor the results. Has, what was intended, been achieved, and if not -why not? The brand implementation has already required a lot of energy and yet no attention is given to monitoring. However, this is a key success factor for your brand. Based on the results, we can make a plan for adjustment. Execute a brand evaluation also a long time after the rebranding: the organisation, the products or services portfolio may have changed. Are the basic designs sufficient, or are additional designs needed? Is it necessary to make adjustments in the brand management organisation in order to remain successful?
You want to keep track of your brand development and brand presentation. Branding Executives helps you to set up your brand adminstration. In a governance plan we describe what is needed, the roadmap for the years ahead and the year plan (including budget requirements). If you wish we can help with the implementation of the plan. In brand governance, we focus on brand strategy development, organisational structure and culture and technological means (tooling). We involve relevant internal departments and external suppliers, as these also contribute to the success of your brand. We are convinced that the strategic agency should stay involved on strategic level.
IT tools are helpful in applying your brand on various brand touch points. Tools offer possibilities to inform employees and suppliers, facilitate them and engage them in applying the brand. Together with you, we determine an appropriate brand portal solution which offers information, source files (logos and photos) and templates. Or we seek the appropriate correspondence system (for Word) or presentation system (for PowerPoint). After an inventory of your requirements, we can help with the selection process, the development and implementation. Tools are indispensable for good brand management.
When you are in need of specific (re)branding experience or a set of capable, extra hands for a limited period our branding executives can help you out. Or we know someone in our vast network who can and connect you with them.

Our projects

Our experienced team of project managers and consultants worked on many brand development, brand implementation and brand management challenges for leading global brands. We could fill this website with our success stories, but we rather listen to yours. Your story is unique. And matching your story with our experiences will lead to a unique and successful approach. This way we will use our experience to your advantage.

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